Works by two renowned Vietnamese ceramic artists on display in Hanoi

  • October 24, 2018

An exhibition featuring works by two popular Vietnamese ceramic artists – Nguyen Trong Doan and Nguyen Bao Toan – is ongoing at the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum.

A ceramic work entitled Ngựa (Horse) by artist Nguyen Bao Toan.

To Doan, this exhibition demonstrates another angle of his creativity. His ceramics are unique, beautiful and captivating with the skillful technique of an experienced artist whose inspiration is drawn from his love for animals. Particularly, he creates works from a child’s point of view – a unique style that not every artist can pursue.

Toan’s style is different. From observations of daily life, he creates art works which are simple and rustic. To him, beauty can originate from the simplest things.

For this exhibition, the artist has focused on small ceramic objects showcasing spiritual aspects which are inspired from worship objects in traditional and folk beliefs.

Each piece by both Doan and Toan’s is the only version of its kind.

“These two artists are said to contribute to Vietnamese Modern and Contemporary Arts in such different ways,” said fine-art critic Phan Cam Thuong.

“They seem to lead marginal lives, seemingly to pay barely attention to daily life, gains and losses; however, in fact, they are well aware of where they are standing or what they are doing. They just stay away from fuss which might easily hurt the personalities,” he added.

The Doan and Bao Toan’s Ceramics exhibition will run until Thursday. 

A ceramic work by artist Nguyen Trong Doan.

Source: Vietnamnet

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