Vietnam to lack 1 million IT workers in 5 years

  • December 01, 2015

VietNamNet Bridge - In the past three years, the number of jobs in the information technology - software sector increased by an average 47% per year, while the number of employees increased only 8%, according to the report on the information technology (IT) industry in Vietnam released recently by online recruitment company VietnamWorks.



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Web and Java are two leading expertises being sought. Source: TechLooper - VietnamWorks.



"If the gap in growth rates between supply and demand continues in the coming years, Vietnam will increasingly lack human resources for the sector that takes the lead in the employment market," said Paul Espinas, Marketing Director of VietnamWorks.

According to the report, if supply growth remains low, Vietnam will face a shortage of 78,000 IT workers each year. And by 2020 there will be in a shortage of over 500,000 people, accounting for over 78% of total IT manpower that the market needs.

To achieve the figure of 17 candidates for each job (the rate in 2013), Vietnam needs around 1.2 million IT workforce in 2020. If the current growth rate maintains, at that time Vietnam will lack one million IT workers.

"This is a huge figure requiring an extensive human resources development policy which must be deployed immediately," the report said.

VietnamWorks also said the number of recruitment companies in the IT sector has increased by 69% compared to 2012. In particular, the number of software companies has increased to 124% in just 4 years. Not to mention, Vietnam is also known for outsourcing services. Web and Java are now the two leading expertise being sought.

The report also pointed out four important points to develop the IT labor and employment market in Vietnam: foreign languages (English, Japanese), soft skills, updates of technology and improvement of training programs, and training of IT staff.

Linh Nhat

Source: VietNamNet

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