Thousands of dilapidated classrooms in need of repair

  • October 17, 2018

Vietnam still needs to rebuild over 150,000 substandard classrooms according to a survey from the Ministry of Education and Training.


Vietnam still needs to rebuild over 150,000 substandard classrooms

Most of the classrooms are in the northern mountainous areas and Central Highlands. Many are made from bamboo and a large number of dilapidated rooms cannot shield children from wind or rain. Primary and nursery schools severely lack classrooms.

Meanwhile schools in the cities suffer from dirty toilets and lack of fresh water problems. As of August, only 67.3% of 90.451 toilets in Vietnamese schools are in good condition. According to the ministry, the cities are overcrowded and there's no land left for the schools in the cities to expand.

Vietnam has 587,147 classrooms at public schools, 74% are considered to be sturdy. However, it still need to rebuild 150,452 dilapidated classrooms, of which 54,700 are in nursery schools, 71,289 in primary schools, 21,700 in secondary schools and 2,763 in high schools/

The Ministry of Education and Training said that many localities hadn't paid much attention to education and only relied on the state budget for educational investment which fail to meet real needs. In some provinces, natural disasters have badly damaged the schools.

Source: Vietnamnet

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