Suspected man tests negative for Ebola

  • November 05, 2014

The third and last test on a 26-year-old patient in Da Nang proved to be 100% negative for Ebola, the Da Nang Health Department has announced.


Patient Chu Van Chung.

Earlier, according to the first and second tests, the patient, Chu Van Chung, tested positive for malaria but 99% negative for Ebola.

Pham Hung Chien, Director of Da Nang Health Department, said the patient and the area where he was treated at the Da Nang General Hospital in the last few days were longer isolated.

"Blood pressure and other indicators of the patient are stable, but he is still being monitored," said Dr. Nguyen Hoang Nam, who is treating Chung.

Nam said in the last couple of days, Chung was cared for by six doctors, who were not allowed to leave the isolated area.

The doctor said Chung did not talk to anyone, even via phone, until he knew the results of the third test.

Currently, the patient is at the Faculty of Tropical Medicine and will be monitored for the next 21 days.

Chung was admitted to the hospital on November 1 after having high fever and showing symptoms of being infected by Ebola.

Chung, a native to Thanh Hoa province, had worked in Guinea for two years. He returned to Da Nang five days ago after going through Morocco, Qatar, and Ho Chi Minh City.

The Da Nang Health Department held an emergency meeting on November 1 to work out measures to deal with the case.

Relevant agencies made a list of passengers on the same flight with Nguyen Van Chung and those who had contacted him in order to strictly monitor their health condition, said Doctor Ngo Thi Kim Yen, deputy director of Da Nang Health Department.

According to the World Health Organization’s(WHO) latest report, 4,951 people across eight countries have died of the Ebola virus, including 1,018 deaths from Guinea. As of October 29, there had been a total of 13,567 reported cases.

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