Officials, forest rangers suspended in deforestation cases

  • April 06, 2018

The Forest Protection Department in the central province of Quang Nam said it has issued a 15-day work suspension notification to six forest rangers.

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Several trees with large diametres, found in Song Kon forest protection area, Dong Giang District, Quang Nam Province, were cut down. –  Photo Do Truong

The decision was related to two illegal deforestation cases that came to light recently.

Accordingly, two forest rangers, Phan Thanh Minh, head of the forest protection and management station No 3, and Dang Thi, have been suspended for negligence in forest management in Dong Giang District’s Ta Lu Commune.

In the case of illegal destruction in Nam Song Bung protection forest, four forest rangers were temporarily suspended. They are: A Vo To Vích, head of Cha Val Forest Protection and Management Station, Tran Kim Hoang, manager of Ta Po Forest Protection Station, Nguyen Nhi, ranger of forest area in Cha Val Commune, and Nguyen Truong Tien, ranger of Ta Po Commune.

The above individuals were suspended from work for failing to fulfil their duties, thus facilitating illegal logging in the area.

Earlier, 33 trees having a total volume of 72.6cu.m of timber were illegally chopped down in Ta Lu Commune and Song Kon Forest area of Dong Giang District.

In Nam Giang District, forest destroyers also cut 34 trees, having a volume of 235cu.m.

The authorities concerned have initiated legal proceedings in the two deforestation cases.

Source: VietNamNet

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