Mountain-ebony blossoms cover northwestern mountains

  • April 13, 2014

Mountain-ebony flowers have started blooming all over the mountains and forests in the northwestern region.

National Highway No.6 from Son La to Dien Bien provinces are considered the most picturesque area of the northwest this time of year.

The plateaus as well as mountains are filled with white flowers that evoke a mysterious beauty. Many visitors are being attracted by the charm of the area.

Some photo of the plateaus and mountains filled with white flowers:

White mountain-ebony flowers blooming along the side of Highway No.6

Flower swaths on the mountainside

White mountain-ebony forest covers the Thai villages

Stunning flowers and forests along the roads

A small mountain-ebony on the Pha Din mountain pass

A Thai woman makes "khan pieu", a traditional scarf of Thai ethnic minority under the mountain-ebony trees

Blooming mountain ebony in the Muong Ang valley, Dien Bien


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