Long addresses cause trouble for HCM City`s residents

  • May 17, 2016

People in many areas in HCM City are having difficulties remembering their addresses as they so complicated.


Locals have complained that the long addresses are troublesome. 

Local Nguyen Van Tu said his address was 1086/127/2/6/15/41 residential area 6, Nha Be District. According to the locals, the only way to find the house is go to alleyway 1086 and the search house by house for alleyway 127.

This is a new residential area so the residents have no choice but to accept the addresses that are even longer than their identity card numbers. Tu said they only knew the address after they had bought the house.

Nguyen Thanh Son and his wife, Nguyen Thi Thanh Trang, have to write the address down because even they can`t remember it. It has become extremely difficult to guide visitors to their house.

"It`s better to tell the delivery men or motorbike taxi drivers that you are living in the new residential area. Most don`t believe the address they are told. I’ve had arguments with delivery people several times because of it. Those who believed me had tried to find my house but couldn`t," Son said.

According to the locals, rich families with big houses and nice cars who lived in the alleyway have already moved because of the long addresses. Meanwhile, some people also decided to find a new home due to health concerns.

They are worried that an ambulance wouldn’t even be able to find their houses.

Nha Be District is not the only place with long addresses. Several residential areas in Binh Tan District are also in the same situation.

Chau My Hong, a local in Binh Tan District, said she was given the address in 2006.

"I was surprised and when I have business at state agencies, even the officials are surprised by how long it is," she said.


Chau My Hong said she had been surprised when they received their address. 

Hong confirmed that the long address and complicated alleyway system has made it really difficult to do business. Letters sent by relatives from overseas often get lost.

Mai Thanh Sang, vice chairman of An Lac Ward People`s Committee, Binh Tan District, said they issued the addresses in accordance with directives of the Ministry of Construction.

"We reported the issue to the district authorities but changing the addresses can be troublesome because of related documents and papers. We will need directives from the Ministry of Construction and other agencies," he said.

Tran Ngoc Anh Quan, vice chairman of Nha Be Town People`s Committee, Nha Be District, said, "These areas, especially residential areas 5 and 6, developed spontaneously so there are a lot of alleyways interconnected with each other. The addresses are long because they are based on the number of the alleyways."


Source: VietNamNet

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