Karaoke shops with high-end equipment rake in profits

  • August 14, 2017

 Karaoke shop owners spend at least VND1 billion on equipment and facilities for one karaoke room, creating a competitive market for suppliers.  
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When a karaoke shop with 15 rooms in Vung Tau City recently announced a bidding auction for audio equipment, 20 suppliers were invited. “The number of partners attending the bid was really high and the bid was just like an audio exhibition,” said a representative from Phuc Thanh Audio, an audio equipment supplier in HCM City.
Karaoke shop owners spend at least VND1 billion on equipment and facilities for one karaoke room, creating a competitive market for suppliers.  

According to T, a mixer supplier, newer karaoke facilities must be better equipped than the old ones to be able to compete and maintain operations. T said it won’t take a long time to recover investment capital, so karaoke shop owners are willing to spend big money on equipment. The investment rate for one karaoke room is at least VND1 billion, so 20 rooms would need at VND20 billion. The owners of the shops with modern equipment can take back the investment capital within two years. On average, clients pay VND200,000 for one hour. If each karaoke room is used six hours a day, the owners would receive VND720 million for 20 rooms. Observers said though the market has high demand, the facilities in HCM City are worse than those at well-known shops in the provinces. “The investors in HCM City have to pay high for retail premises. They don’t make big investments so they can recover the investment capital quickly,” the mixer equipment supplier said. “In provinces, the retail premises are large and the owners wait three or four years before they can take back the investment capital,” he explained. Commenting about the modern equipment, he said going to karaoke now is like visiting a dance hall. “You can dance at karaoke, enjoy high powered music and multicolored lamps,” he said. Nguyen Chanh Thanh from Phuc Thanh Audio, said the facilities and room conditions at karaoke shops in Vietnam are the best in South East Asia.  The owners of the shops are willing to pay a lot for designs to create an original atmosphere to attract clients. “As the rooms are large and they are specifically designed, the sound dissolution is high. So it is necessary to have many large-capacity speakers to be sure the sound quality meets requirements,” he said. A representative of SR Speakers said at an event on July 17 that large-capacity speakers were selling well in Vietnam. 

Thanh Mai

Source: VietNamNet

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