Ihome Smart Ip - the smart camera protect your home

  • April 13, 2015

Smart devices are no longer unusual in modern homes. The use of these devices is not only suitable with the strong development of science and technology, but also brings back many outstanding benefits for consumers.

ihome smart ip

Professional video push capacity  at anytime and anywhere

Nowadays, beside smart devices for home, in addition to common household devices such as smart power outlet, remote control objects, voice control, health protection products etc. It is unavoidable not to mention of advanced security equipment such as:  anti-theft alarm system, fire alarm system, motion alert system or gas sensors etc. The appearances of these devices help the houses be really safer by warning as earliest as possible for homeowners the risks that may occur. However, the installation of each product sometimes causes inconvenience to the house. Regardless of the relatively large cost, the landlord will sometimes be difficult to know what device is alarming. This is the reason why Abell CCTV- the leading brand in camera, has researched and launched the smart alarm camera product that will protects your home - iHome Smart Ip.

 ihome smart ip

Intelligent alarm capability

IHome Smart ip is capable of integrating all of the professional alarm systems including fire alarm, gas alarm, motion alarm, open door alarm etc.  This product after the installation will be connected directly to a smart phone via video push features so that homeowners can directly observe all the activities, events or situations happening at home. This smart device also provides the feature of direct  2-way conversations, helping users to communicate easily with the target in the range of up to 30m.

ihome smart ip

iHome Smart ip allows you to have two-way conversation wherever and whenever you want


IHome smart ip is currently appreciated as one of the most intelligence alarm system today and it is promised to create a technology fever in 2015.

All information about the products iHome Smart ip please contact camera abell as follow

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