`Cong` cake - a specialty of Can Tho City

  • 09:00 - 2016/01/16

Cong` cake is called `tube cake` because the tool used to make this cake looks like a tube. This is a popular traditional food in Can Tho City.


`Cong` cake - a specialty of Can Tho City (Photo: Vietnam Pictorial)


The cake is made predominantly from glutinous rice flour, wheat flour, shrimp and green beans.

The recipe is also simple. Rice flour and wheat flour is mixed together with water, egg, salt and onion leaves. Green beans and meat are cooked and used as the filing.

These ingredients are stuffed into a tube in the following order: flour mixture – green beans and meats – flour mixture.

Shrimp is put on top of the cake to enhance the taste and appearance. After that, the tube is fried until the flour becomes golden. Cong cake is often served with sweet-sour fish sauce and other fresh vegetables.

Its rich flavor will guarantee that anyone tasting this special dish will not forget about it soon.


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