Hanoi crackdown on unhygienic bottled water facilities

  • October 01, 2018

As many as 98 bottled water facilities in Hanoi violated regulations on food and hygiene, 72 have been fined for over VND226m (USD9,600) since early this year.


As many as 98 bottled water facilities violated regulations on food and hygiene

The problem was discussed during the conference about food hygiene and bottled water held by the Department of Health and Economic and Urban Affairs Newspaper on September 27.

The authorities have inspected 416 bottled water facilities in Hanoi. 44 facilities were shut down as the result and 98 were found to have been violating regulations on food hygiene. The operation of seven facilities were suspended, 72 were fined VND226m.

The Department of Health said they had many difficulties in management since there were a large number of tiny facilities where sanitary condition was poor. Those facilities are located deep within crowded residential areas so it's difficult to find. They also do not report about their operation to the authorities.

According to Tran Ngoc Tu, director of the Hanoi Food Safety and Hygiene Department, the violations include poor water quality, wrong labels and sub-standard bottle quality.

Thanks to reports from local people and media that the department have successfully dealt with three cases where the facilities' owners lack food hygiene certificates, storage room and shelves for the bottles.

The operation of those facilities were suspended until these requirements are met.

Source: Vietnamnet

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