Boutique serviced apartment in Danang, unforgettable impression with Danang Moment.

  • 04:53 - 2017/05/25

There are plenty of hotels and apartments in Danang, but to find one where experienced travelers deem “perfect and complete”, Danang Moment is deserving of that distinction.

Danang Moment decoration

25 years living abroad in France and America including numerous times backpacking and living in different places, the owner of Danang Moment, Mr. Dennis Vu, who has deep love and appreciation for architecture, music and culinary has chosen to settle in the friendliest and most livable city in Vietnam, Danang.  Conveniently located, Danang Moment will surely create unforgettable memories for anyone who has a chance to visit.

Danang Moment room

With the full name Danang Moment Boutique Serviced Apartments, the name itself contains everything that the owner would like to convey.  The attention to detail, Danang style are evident  from the pattern to the arrangement of the building exterior as well as the unit interior, you might be surprised to see shadow of ancient Champa culture or decorations resembling Indo-Chinese, and throughout are brick images which the owner shows through various materials such as pottery, pillow cover design, and on the wall in the paintings of native ladies.

Danang moment decoration

As you depart Danang Airport, simply open the map app on your phone and enter Danang Moment, Google will guide you directly to your destination which is just a 12 minute taxi ride.  A few minute walk from Mỹ An beach, Danang Moment has 30 units with 3 levels, each complete with modern and high-end appliances, along with a restaurant called Moment Bistro, where you can immerse yourself in the warm and cozy atmosphere of beautiful live piano & violin music accompanying beautiful and emotional voices.  Furthermore, Moment Bistro evokes feeling about one’s mother through the spirit of each dish.  If you happen to be there when Dennis Vu is present, then most certainly the dishes which he personally cooks and the stories he tells will be unforgettable memories and you will want to stay longer at the dining table to enjoy the relaxing moment by the fresh flowers, beautiful music and artful space.

The Moment Bistro

Dennis Vu has shared these thoughts on his personal Facebook page: “Come to Danang and I’ll wrap these air-bricks in raw papers and give them to you as a memory of this land. They are decorated with details depicting the flowers from the Champa Empire long long ago. They exude the charms of the elusive and intriguing Apsara dancers. The air-bricks decorate the columns in the house. They embrace the window sills like this land embracing heaven and earth. 

A corner with decoration of Danang Moment

Come to Danang and I’ll share my moments with you and you can also go create your own moments. You can write your names on the golden sands, let the wind take you to every corner of this wonderful city. You will see a house on a street corner adorned with bright purple flowers and these lovely air-bricks – like the spirit of Danang, like my sentiments towards Danang and you…

My home is in Danang. My home is where we create our moments- Danang Moments, my stories, your moments.”

Looking forward to meeting everyone at Danang Moment in the near future.

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