Cong Tri to introduce new designs at Tokyo Fashion Week

  • January 29, 2016

Cong Tri, a well-known fashion designer in Vietnam, will launch his haute couture designs in a collection called No.9 at the Tokyo Fashion Week this March.

Designer Cong Tri.

These are Tri’s designs for the Fall Winter 2016 season and they will be released in Tokyo rather than in Vietnam as usual. He has kept secret the details of the collection to surprise the audience.

Tokyo Fashion Week will take place from March 14 to 19 in Tokyo. This event is held twice a year, in March and October, with the aim of introducing the designs for the Spring Summer and the Fall Winter, promoting the fashion industry, and supporting talented designers.

Cong Tri said that in 2015 he did not have publicity activities in 2015 because he needed a pause for creativity. "I always want people to be really surprised with my new collections," he said. The collection No. 8 by Cong Tri opened the Vietnam International Fashion Week 2014 and was a big surprise for the audience.

Designs by Cong Tri for the Lonah Show - the first-ever entertainment program combining circus and other art forms in Vietnam.

Last year, Tri did not appear frequently on the stage to spend time designing costumes for the characters in the Lonah Show – the first-ever entertainment program in Vietnam that combines circus and many other art forms, in the style of Las Vegas.

Tri spent most of the time in 2015 in Las Vegas to learn experience from the same shows. He was also a judge of the TV fashion show “Project Runway” on VTV3.

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